Shipped Consignment Agreement

Inventory Management

  1. Consignor has turned over goods, which shall remain property of the consignor until such time as they are sold. Consignor agrees not to market the goods independently while they are under the care of Astraea Bridal.
  2. At times, certain items may be removed from the store for cleaning/repair or marketing purposes. In this event, all items will be inventoried and cared for by the owners of Astraea Bridal.
  3. Consignor is responsible financially and logistically for all shipping to and from Astraea Bridal. Consignor will notify Astraea Bridal of tracking information upon shipment. Astraea Bridal will notify consignor upon arrival of the merchandise.
  4. Astraea Bridal agrees to return to consigner, upon demand, any unsold merchandise. The goods must be returned in the same or similar condition unless this is impossible due to shopper damage or theft. Please allow 2 business days to initiate the merchandise return.
  5. Astraea Bridal operates a retail store and agrees to make their best effort to sell Consignor’s goods. Astraea Bridal will retain consignor merchandise for an average period of 6 months. Astraea Bridal reserves the right to return unsold merchandise to the consignor at any time before the maturity of the 6 month consignment period. Astraea Bridal may choose to retain the merchandise on consignment following the maturity of the 6 month period. In this event, no contact will be made, and all items remain the property of the consignor.
  6. In the event Astraea Bridal chooses to return unsold merchandise to the consignor Astraea Bridal will contact the consignor at the email provided. It is the consignor’s responsibility to keep all contact information current. The consignor will have 14 days to make arrangements to claim his/her merchandise. During this 14 day period, Astraea will make 3 attempts to contact the consignor, 2 by Email and 1 by phone. Any unclaimed merchandise will be donated after 14 days of initial contact attempt. Donate at end of contract? (Circle) YES    NO
  7. Consignor acknowledges that they have been provided a private login to Astraea Bridal’s consignment software. It is the responsibility of the consignor to confirm accuracy of account details. All merchandise will be inventoried within 2 Business days of receipt.
  8. Normal wear incurred from trying on product can be expected. All efforts to protect the product will be made. Consigner permits Astraea to use cleaning products as needed to maintain first quality condition.
  9. Astraea Bridal is NOT RESPONSIBLE for theft, loss, or damage of customer’s goods.

Pricing & Payment

  1. Consignor agrees to provide Astraea Bridal with, to the best of their knowledge, Original purchase price and all other relative information. Astraea Bridal will price each item between 20%-50% less then original selling price. Astraea is committed to pricing integrity, both for the consignor and the customer. Final pricing decisions will be made upon arrival of the merchandise to Astraea Bridal and are influenced by the condition and history of the gown as well as current market trends.
  2. Customer agrees that Astraea Bridal will retain agreed upon commission. Traditionally, Astraea Bridal retains 50% of the final selling price. If cleaning or repairs are needed before the merchandise can be placed on the showroom floor, Astraea will retain 60% of the final selling price.
  3. Consignor agrees to sell the goods at the discussed price points. Any pricing changes will be communicated in writing. Astraea Bridal reserves the right to discount any item by 10% of the current agreed price for any reason.
  4. In the event of a layaway, the consignor’s portion of the sold merchandise will not be issued to the consignor until the total layaway is paid in full.
  5. Astraea Bridal will issue a mail check for customer proceeds to the mailing address provided above within 14 days of final payment. It is the responsibility of the consignor to confirm accuracy of their mailing address and keep it updated with Astraea Bridal. Any checks that require re-issue will have $30 deducted from the original amount.