Do I need to make an appointment?

We require appointments to try on bridal gowns. This ensures that there will be a fitting room available for you, as well as a bridal stylist ready to assist you. 

If you are wanting to try on formalwear such as Prom, Homecoming, Bridesmaids, etc, we do not require appointments. 

What is your price range?

Our inventory ranges from $1,200 to $4,000. However, the bulk of our gowns reside in the $1,200-$2,500 range.

What sizes do you offer?

Due to the consignment nature of our business, our inventory of sizes and styles is always changing. However, we proudly cater to all sizes and body shapes, ranging from size 0-28.

How do your appointments work?

Our bridal appointments pairs the bride-to- be with a helpful and informative master stylist. You will start with a consultation, where your stylist will get to know you and your wedding vison whether you are planning a large wedding or an adventure elopement. After your consult, your stylist will pick out a few dresses with you to get started with. While trying on the gowns, don’t be shy to give your stylist feedback, it only helps them make more educated pulls for you! Your stylist will pull the gowns for you based on the information and feedback that you give them. You will have 1.5 hours with your stylist. Near the end of the appointment, we will recommend that you try on your favorites again. When you find the one, we wrap it up and you get to take it home on the same day!

How many guests can I bring to my appointment?

You may bring up to four guests with you to your bridal appointment. 

Are children welcome?

We work very hard to create a relaxing and fun environment for our brides and their families. In order for all of our clients to be able to have a good time, we ask that you please make other arrangements for children when you’re coming in for a Bridal appointment. Thank you for understanding!

What if I want to bring more than four guests with me?

If you would like to bring more than four people with you to your bridal appointment you may request to book an Extended Appointment ($200), where you may bring up to seven guests with you. Before requesting to book, please take a look at this informative blog post on guest count: https://astraeabridal.com/blog/how-many-guests-should-i-bring-to-my-bridal-appointment/

You may request to book an Extended Appointment here: https://astraeabridal.com/private-bridal-appointment-request/

Can I bring champagne to my bridal appointment?

You are more than welcome to bring some bubbly along! Just don’t forget to bring cups/glasses as well!

Is it normal to tip my stylist?

Tipping is appreciated as we are providing our expertise as a service to you. Astraea is a unique situation where our stylists do not work on commission, meaning no portion of your dress cost goes to the stylist. Tipping in the wedding industry is actually quite common! All of us (gowns, florists, photographer, DJ, etc.) are professionals offering our years of experience and acquired knowledge to bring your wedding vision to life!

So, in short, yes it is normal to tip your stylist!

When should I start shopping for my wedding gown?

Traditional bridal shops recommend shopping a year or so in advance for your wedding gown because you may need to place an order and also have time to perform alterations. Since we are all “off the rack” (no ordering), your timeline has some flexibility. Therefore, Astraea brides can shop 6-9 months prior to their wedding. 

Do you perform alterations?

We do not perform alterations in house. However, we do partner with an incredible seamstress who is just down the street from our shop! Her business is called “The Town Seamstress”. It is extremely rare that a bride does not need some sort of alterations on their wedding gown. The typical cost of alterations is $600-$1,000, and depends on the amount of work that needs to be done. 

When should I have my gown altered?

We recommend having your first fitting booked for 10-12 weeks before your wedding. Keep in mind that summertime is “busy season” for seamstresses. Therefore, make sure you have your appointment booked well in advance with them.

How do I consign with you?

We accept clean bridal and formalwear purchased new within the last three years. Fill out a consignment form and upload pictures here: https://astraeabridal.com/consignments/

We will reach out to you when we have reviewed your consignment form.  

You can find our Consignment Terms & Conditions here: https://astraeabridal.com/local-consignment-agreement/