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Why you should buy a used wedding gown

Many people are surprised to learn that the fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world behind petroleum. This is due to the high demand of fast fashion. Think about it, how many times does your local Forever 21 or H&M have new stuff luring you in by the fresh displays and seasonal changes? The wedding industry is no different.  We encourage you to say no to fast fashion not only for your everyday looks but for your wedding as well. Here are 3 reasons why you should buy a used wedding gown.

  1. Buying used limits the demand for new gowns to be made. Unfortunately, most wedding gowns are not made with environmental and ethical practices in mind. Most manufacturers use polyester or some other synthetic materials for their dress designs. Polyester is a petroleum-based material, and is therefore made from a carbon-intensive non-renewable resource with harmful chemicals and carcinogens. Overall, not great for the health of our plant and ourselves.
  2. Buying a used gown keeps them out of the landfill. Due to the fact that most gowns are made from polyester, they will have a very difficult time breaking down in the landfill. Wedding gowns are just too pretty to be dumped as waste. If the style is dated, Astraea Bridal will find a way to reuse the fabric for custom orders or recycle it responsibly.
  3. Consignment recycles money back into the community. Weddings are expensive! We want to keep money in our local communities and small shops.

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