Wedding dress shopping myths, busted!

Myth #1 Strapless dresses fall down.

Truth: Everyone is traumatized by the strapless dresses of our past. I’m excited to tell you that strapless dresses are made way better these days! It’s all about finding a good fit, and high quality construction. You wear the weight of a strapless dress on your waist and hips, so your cup size is not really a factor (i.e. your boobs aren’t responsible for holding the dress up). Having the dress fit well in the waist is usually achieved by a seamstress since most people tend to be in between sizes. Also, look for dresses that have a well-made bodice that has boning. Boning gives you that structure and support so you won’t be tugging on the neckline all night. Proving that a strapless dress can be flattering is honestly one of my favorite parts of my job. Ah, I just love being right! *hair flip*

Myth #2 You need to look at ALL your options before choosing your dress.

Truth: We recommend visiting 1-3 stores MAX. It’s all about choosing the right shops for you, your style, and your budget. If you only want to spend $1,000 on your dress, don’t go to a shop where the opening price point is $2,500. Look at the shop’s website, call around and make better choices on where to spend your time and money. Going to too many bridal shops, especially in one day, is really exhausting and overwhelming.

Myth #3 You can find a wedding gown that doesn’t need alterations.

Truth: The likelihood of finding a bridal gown that doesn’t need some sort of alteration is INCREDIBLY low. I guess it is possible, but don’t try to part the red sea looking for something ready to wear off the rack. Most people are between sizes which requires purchasing a dress that needs some adjustment by a skilled, bridal seamstress. It’s best to go into gown shopping accepting the fact that you will need alterations. The fit and function of your gown can make or break your wedding day – and we prefer happy brides.

Myth #4 You have to cry- that’s how you know you have found *the one*

Truth: TV shows and movies have somehow set the expectation that you must cry when you find your wedding gown. However, not everyone operates that way! Finding and deciding on *the one* is no doubt an emotional decision, but it’s also a significant monetary investment. So, many brides go down the checklist in their minds, seeing how the gown they’re standing in chalks up. If it checks all your boxes and is within your financial means, you may just feel like “cool, wrap it up!”. Or you might just bawl your eyes out! In which case, we have tissues. Whatever reaction you have, we are here to support you feeling amazing in your gown!

Myth #5 Your stylist is only here to sell you a dress

Your stylist is here to help you FIND the dress. We truly want to get to know you and your love story. We take your style and vision and pull dresses that translate into your ideal bridal look that reflects both your personality and your wedding vibe. Due to the nature of consignment, we have a high gown turnover rate, so occasionally we don’t have the one for you, but we can get close! Our goal is to make sure you have fun and glean some knowledge on wedding gowns and your bridal style so you can move forward on your gown shopping journey as an educated gown shopper. Astraea is in a unique position where our bridal stylists do not make commission, meaning no portion of your dress cost goes to the stylist. With that, tips are appreciated as we are providing our expertise (and great humor!) as a service to you. Long story not short – we care about you and are here to help you on your bridal journey whether you find your dress with us or not! But we hope you find the one with us…

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