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How to stay cool at your summer wedding

Hey all you summertime brides! We have been around the block a time or two in regards to comfort and success when getting married in the heat. We have put together a list of simple tips and tricks to keep you cool as a cucumber on your wedding day.

Get a rechargeable fan!

A little breeze goes a long way! Handheld, neck fan, whatever you like!  Use this puppy to keep your makeup in place and your pits dry! Plus, I’m sure your MOH will be more than happy to “take care of it” for you while your busy taking pictures and whatnot.


Drink water!

We know this sounds like a no-brainer…but seriously, drink some damn water. Nobody likes a dehydrated bride, and no bride likes to feel dehydrated! Not saying you can’t start the day with a refreshing mimosa, but follow it with a nice glass of water or even Liquid IV.

 Plan a cool off break

Prior to your wedding day, work with your planner and/or coordinator to build in a break during the day for you to cool off. Just a few minutes to unzip your gown and get some more airflow to parts of your body that are covered in not-so-breathable fabric.

Before wedding day, take off your AppleWatch, wear a sun shirt, watch your tan lines

In the months leading up to your wedding, start thinking about what areas of your body will be showing on your wedding. “Hello arms, shoulders, and back! That’s you we’re talking about!”. If you are going out into the sun, take off your watch AND wear a long sleeve sun shirt! This will help you avoid all upper body tan lines, not to mention keep your skin healthy! You can always get a good spray tan before your wedding to achieve the skin glow you’re looking for.

Thigh society cooling shorts

The “chub rub” is real everybody. If you know, you know! Ain’t nobody got time for their thighs chaffing, especially on your wedding day. Get yourself a pair of these anti-chafe cooling shorts from Thigh Society. Do yourself and your watermelon crushers a favor.


Ask your HMUA about COOLA cooling SPF setting spray

Full disclaimer, we are NOT hair and makeup professionals. However, during your makeup trial, it’s definitely worth asking your makeup artist about a cooling SPF setting spray like this one from COOLA. This keeps your makeup from melting off, protects from the sun, and has a cooling effect! That way, every time you do a little makeup touch up, you get a cooling spritz as well as a fresh layer of SPF.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to make the most of your special day. The only thing that will be sizzling is your love.

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