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Body Positivity

Don't let your mind bully your body

This is a sensitive topic for me. Like many, I have struggled with body positivity my whole life. My first year of college I started working at Victoria Secret and that’s where things went from occasional self-esteem issues to a much more serious issue. The nature to which the customers and my co-workers would talk about themselves and their bodies was toxic. Then, 12 years ago when I started my journey in the bridal industry, it got even worse! The pressure a bride feels to look absolutely perfect is real y’all. That’s why I put together a couple tips to hopefully help. I have learned that you can tell a bride she’s beautiful over and over again but she has to feel it. 

Tips for body positivity while shopping for a bridal gown

Cut out that negative talk

We are so hard on ourselves! I have witnessed brides, bridesmaids, mothers, and even co-workers completely shame themselves and talk badly about the way their body looks. Can we stop the negativity? Let’s set an example for the next generations that it’s uncool to talk about yourself in a negative way. I might be more sensitive to this because I am plus size but it’s so  disheartening  to watch a sample size gal that could try on literally anything she wants in the shop (because everything in stock will fit her) talk shit about her body. Like, hello I’m standing right here… if she thinks she looks bad, I wonder what she thinks of me? All I’m saying is the negativity only hurts yourself and everyone else around you.

A little self-care goes a long way

Self-care is important to maintain a healthy relationship
with yourself. It produces positive feelings and enhances your confidence and
A little extra effort goes a long
way. Got a favorite lipstick? Wear it! Do you love your hair when it’s washed
and styled? Do that too. I’m not saying you have to wear makeup to be pretty. I’m
saying do what you need to do to have that little extra pep in your step that day. 

Try on different silhouettes

Confession. We actually hate the “what
type of dress but suits my body type” advice blogs and magazine articles. One
of my favorite things to do as a stylist is to prove that maybe that advice is
wrong. We love to show a bride that she can wear a fitted gown if she’s curvy
or a petite bride that a ballgown won’t actually swallow her up. The key to a
dress suiting your body type is fit and alterations. Be open minded to what
your stylist suggests, it might surprise you.

Only shop with people you trust

Bring the people that are going to hype you up and be supportive of
what you want. Coming out of the fitting room to show off a bridal gown can be
very intimidating. “This is a topic you should spend
some time seriously considering, as it can easily make or break your bridal
experience. While your guests will surely have your best interest in mind, they
can unintentionally add stress and pressure to your experience. We can go on
and on about this topic (and we have here) but the moral of the story is, bring
your best hype crew. 

We got you girl!

Walking into your bridal appointment can be very intimidating. We are not only master stylists but we are also your new hype girls! We will do everything to celebrate, and empower you on that day  but your attitude and feelings about yourself determines the overall mood of the appointment. 

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