About Us

During our careers working in the wedding industry, we began to see the impact the industry has on our environment. Our wedding day is the most expensive and largest “single use” day of our lives. Everyone wants an affordable gown but they also want all the  intricate details. The issue is that not everyone can afford a designer gown from a boutique or afford the wait time for the customizations to be made.

At Astraea Bridal we have taken a stand against the single-use nature of the wedding industry. From the store fixtures to the gowns, Astraea Bridal re-purpose & up-cycle as much as possible without jeopardizing the quality of the garments or the bridal experience.

Laura and Leslee, Founders - Astraea Bridal

Our Staff

Laura Williams

Co-Founder & Owner

Growing up in Southern California, Laura was always taught a respect for nature and our environment. “Leave it cleaner then you found it” was our family motto when leaving a beach or a campground. In 2007, Laura visited Seattle for the 1st time and immediately fell in love with the overwhelming beauty. She immediately dreamed of a life surrounded by this beautiful landscape. In 2010 Laura began outfitting brides and fell in love again, this time with a calling. Making women feel beautiful is exactly what she wanted to do. In 2015, Laura was finally able to relocate her family to Western Washington and has remained in the bridal industry. In 2019 Laura found a way to merge her two passions. Co-Founder of Astraea Bridal, she could now both make strides towards protecting her environment as well as outfit women for the most important day of their lives.

Leslee Hughes

Co-Founder & Owner

Leslee moved to the Skagit valley in 2011 and immediately fell in love with its landscapes. She knows this area is so unique, and truly believes there is no place like it. Exploring the farmlands, kayaking the Skagit river and feeding the chickens at Schuh Farms are some of her favorite pass times. Although Leslee has only lived here for a short time, she desperately wants to protect it for future generations which is why she co-founded Astraea Bridal. Leslee became a bridal stylist in 2011 and became totally hooked after her first bride found “the one”. Leslee loves hearing about your wedding plans weather your planning a chic barn wedding or having a space cat galaxy theme (that last one was an actual wedding she helped outfit). Leslee is so excited to marry her two passions and help brides of this beautiful valley feel just as beautiful in their wedding dress at Astraea Bridal.